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Turning complex ideas into simple masterpieces

Gordils & Willis is a digital-first studio founded on the belief that the best work comes from a diverse and nimble team. We are a collective of strategists, engineers, designers and creatives.

Our methodology is systematic yet artful, and our services are adaptive. We believe that fluidity between design, research, and engineering leads to simple products that are beautiful on the inside and out.

Our Process

Case Studies

We live to make products that people fall in love with. What sets us apart is our ability to strategically utilize innovative design and technology to deliver exceptional work.

The Art Center

Get creative to boost enrollment for a children’s art program


Build an app that makes conducting and customizing reports effortless for security professionals


​​Creating trust in a start up ​​that negotiates consumer electricity rates

Our Work

We have over 20 years of combined experience in branding, visual design, UI/UX, mobile/app and responsive web development.

Milton—Identity, UI/UX Design, Development

WellWell—UI/UX Design, Development

Ascend—UI/UX Design, Development, Print, Environmental

Monopolio—UI/UX Design, Development

Gracie—Identity, UI/UX Design, Development

Remissary—Identity, UI/UX Design, Development

Wah-Nee—Identity, UI/UX Design, Development

JAJA—UI/UX Design, Development

Sailing Collective—Identity, UI/UX Design, Development

Q Mixers—UI/UX Design, Development

Our Process

to understand and shape people’s experiences by immersing ourselves in their journey identify crucial business and product questions, test concepts and deliver impactful results transform your business or passion through beautifully designed digital products.


Our approach is concept-driven and our practice, systematic. Our talent lies in taking complex problems, whether technical or artistic, and organizing them through design systems, logic, and language to reduce them to simple solutions.


Projects come to us in many shapes and sizes. We take an agile approach to both design and development that allows us to adapt to changes in client needs at any point in the project.

Result Driven

Our services are objective based and result driven. We design and build products. We always seek to identify, test and validate value to our users and clients throughout the design and development process.

End to End

We are both designers and developers with no outsourced engineering. We are fully capable of implementing any designs we produce down the finest details of execution, and believe doing so is critical in achieving the most comprehensive results.

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