Identity, UI/UX Design, Development

Teleport a 19th-century family owned wallpaper dynasty into the 21st century.

Gracie has been making fine hand painted wallpapers for generations. When updating their brand and redesigning their site we made it a priority to honor the tradition of their brand and to showcase the painstaking process of the art they create while giving the website a modern design.

​​Our goal was to build a showcase for their products, the sacred heirlooms freighted with personal memories, and develop a digital destination that lived up to the timeless elegance of the company’s work.

Like good wallpaper, the site design is unobtrusive, gently guiding the user through a series of pages about Gracie’s craft, process, recognitions, and products. Rather than showcase reams and reams of wallpaper hanging lifelessly from racks, the collections were photographed as they look in real life, in wide-shots of dynamic interiors and close-ups of artful detail.

The piece de resistance is a new letterform—the company’s first in 121 years—that subtly tweaks the original by spacing out the letters so everything feels a little less squished. We didn’t want to toss out Gracie’s formula, we just wanted to give it more room to breathe.


  • Brand strategy, positioning & voice

  • Brand and visual identity design.

  • Responsive web design and development

  • CMS integrations

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