Identity, UI/UX Design, Development

Create a B2B SaaS company to transform the age-old process of connecting commercial real estate lenders and borrowers.

Remissary, an online commercial real estate financing platform that offers matchmaking services for both lenders and borrowers, has multi-sidedness baked into the core of its business model. The centerpiece of the project is a tripartite web application that addresses each of the company’s main audience segments.

On the homepage, we distill the complex process for how a borrower can submit a commercial real estate loan request, match with lenders using Remissary’s proprietary algorithm, and close a deal. It also features a selection of relevant articles and recent deals to situate the company in context.

With six months to go until the product was scheduled to launch, the firm’s founder approached us with a major challenge. Not happy with his previous agency’s creative work or web development, he asked Gordils & Willis to redesign Remissary’s brand identity, as well as remake its product and market strategy, from scratch.

Undaunted, we dove into learning the offline workflows of the commercial real estate business so that we could design and validate the various steps within the process into tools that could be used though an online web application.

The more multi-sided a company is—i.e. the more audiences it must engage in order to be successful—the more nuanced its user experience strategy needs to be.

The borrower and lending portals, in four and seven fluid steps, collect all the information Remissary’s algorithm needs to make a strong match between two parties for a deal. We designed a series of easy-to-understand preset answers for potential lenders to choose from to remove as much friction as possible.


  • Brand strategy, positioning & voice

  • Product ideation, validation & market fit

  • Project management & execution

  • User experience design & research

  • Customer engagement & optimization

  • Brand and visual identity design

  • User interface & interactive design

  • Responsive web development

  • Mobile & web app development

  • API design & systems architecture

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