UI/UX Design, Development

Breaking the mold of conventional ecommerce design for a DTC beverage company.

WellWell, makers of certified organic functional beverages, are masters of digital customer care—the company handles all its customer communications directly through social media, Intercom, and SMS. They called on Gordils & Willis to create an ecommerce platform that is so easy to use, fewer people need to reach out and ask for help in the first place.

Drawing inspiration from the original DTC beverage business, the vending machine, we architected a custom Shopify-based site that presents all of WellWell’s drinks side-by-side on the homepage. When a user hovers over a particular product, the info they need most—price, ingredients, and reviews—materializes in an instant.

By designing an e-commerce platform that is easy to use and streamlines the flow from landing to checkout, sales have increased while reducing abandoned carts. ​​In line with WellWell’s dedication to customer communication, we also integrated chat and text-for-support features on the homepage to handle visitors needing more information.


  • Project management & execution

  • Customer engagement & optimization

  • User interface & interactive design

  • User Interface Design

  • Responsive web development

  • E-Commerce solutions

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