Identity, UI/UX Design, Development

Bring to life the artistic and historical spirit of a contemporary textile company through a refined and exuberant visual identity.

Milton, a new company in the luxury textile space, came to Gordils & Willis looking for the full package of services in launching their company. Translating the spirit of art history and painting into contemporary color palettes and high-quality fabrics, Milton needed more than a website—they also needed a visual identity, a personality, a presence.

In our initial consultation with the client, we identified several keywords that embodied the spirit of Milton—luxurious, artful yet unpretentious, young, and exciting. From this starting point, we developed a brand identity that reflected these values.

The aesthetics of the website were developed in conjunction with photography—keeping in mind that the photography was rich in color and texture, text and UI elements were designed to have a refined and modern look to complement them.

All images were art directed by Gordils & Willis to guarantee a unified look, feel and direction to empower brand identity. Reaching a balance between highlighting detailed views of the patterned textiles and showing them in the context of interior design became the key focus for showcasing the brand and its products.


  • Brand strategy, positioning & voice

  • Brand and visual identity design.

  • Photography / Art Direction

  • Packaging, Print & Collateral design

  • Responsive web design and development

  • CMS integrations

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