Identity, UI/UX Design, Development

Capture the experience of summers past at camp Wah-Nee.

Everyone who has ever shared a summer at camp knows it’s hard to truly encapsulate those magical experiences. Gordils & Willis sought out to do just that for Wah-Nee, a generations old summer camp tucked away in the Berkshires. Working closely with the client, we developed a strong and cohesive visual identity and updated their core business logistics through an online booking platform.

Art Direction

Understanding the importance in having compelling photography to properly convey the Wah-Nee experience, we took the lead in art directing an on-site photoshoot. Our focus on capturing images that were cohesive with the brand’s blend of excitement, lifestyle, and fitness became the first comprehensive photographic survey of the camp.

With the visual language and photography set under a cohesive structure, we built out a fully customizable CMS and accompanying Frontend for the website. In addition to implementing our designed layouts, we also created a modular block system that could handle just about any content type thrown at it, giving the client control over how their story can be told. We also brought their enrollment and booking online to optimize administrative workflow.

Given the long and proud history of the Wah-Nee brand and community, it was important to preserve their roots and identity while incorporating the forward thinking and progressive values of the institution. We also wanted to call back to the nostalgia of American summer camp by using a voice and visual language that would make visitors feel familiarity, wonder, and adventure.


  • Brand strategy, positioning & voice

  • Brand and visual identity design

  • User interface & interactive design

  • Illustration & animation

  • Art direction

  • Responsive web development

  • CMS integrations

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