Identity, UI/UX Design, Development

Create trust in a start up that negotiates consumer electricity rates.

Arbor is a new company breaking into the consumer energy space. By pairing technology and the concept of group buying, the startup empowers communities of homeowners to purchase electric plans at significantly better rates than if they had purchased them individually.

When the founders of Arbor approached us in search of an agency to develop their brand, strategy, and product, we understood the biggest challenge for them would be explaining their solution to prospective customers. We reasoned, to gain people’s trust, the best approach is to be transparent. To that end, everything about Arbor’s brand and website are designed to be almost childlike in their simplicity.


Rather than stock photography—which can look great but often fails to capture the brand story—we opted for whimsical illustrations that do much of the heavy-lifting to explain Arbor’s service.

The product is clear and concise, spelling out Arbor’s strategy for negotiating with local energy suppliers and how much money customers can expect to save by joining the network. By the time the visitor reaches the bottom of the homepage, they have absorbed Arbor’s value proposition in barely over 250 words. From there, the enrollment process we set up takes only two minutes.


  • Brand Strategy, positioning & voice

  • Product ideation, validation & market fit

  • Project management & execution

  • User experience design & research

  • Customer engagement & optimization

  • Brand and visual identity design

  • User interface & interactive design

  • Illustration

  • UX/UI Design

  • Mobile & web app development

  • API design & systems architecture

  • CMS integrations

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